Established in April 2011, MOST Business incubator is aimed to unite and provide support to startups and existing entrepreneurs that are wiling to develop, grow and share their experience. We have an ambitious growth and expansion strategy for the next 5 years with a focus on further support of startups and engagement in free mentoring practices. MOST's resources are strong partnerships in both private and government sectors. 

Now we are looking for startups in 6 main spheres: edtech, insurtech, travel, machine learning, iot, mobile apps. For each direction we have big corporate partners who can invest money and help with customer aqusition. Participants must have strong team and desire to develop a product.

At the beginning, we took the task to take a group of 20-25 projects. In the middle of the  process someone would disappear in six weeks. We tried to make wider coverage, because no matter how qualitative selection criteria is, you can always miss out a good project. There were communications between projects, people were friendly. But now we realize that it is necessary to do less sets, to pay more attention to each project. At the same time there must be a balance, you can not start working for startups, doing someone's job. Our task is to help with resources, to give contacts and recommendations. The next step is monitoring the projects and preparing them for investors, who can provide opportunities for implementation and scaling. 

The main challenges for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs are small market, lack of knowledge and access to money. But now what we see is good teams with excellent tech skills and few success stories.

Our business angels are both local and international. We are developing local investors club - there are more than 3000 people with $1 million worth of wealth only in Almaty. Thus we believe that at least 1% of them can be an angel investor. For us it has importance of private capital injection . We know that all government transactions, tools are available; Damu or NATD exist. This is something that we have no influence on. For us it was important to develop the angel investments direction. And since this is a completely new direction with a few transactions, we can't see the whole prospects, the whole volume. But I assure you that after a year and a half we will see the deal flow. The growth of business-angels, portfolio quality and the number of business-angels. And with the help of MOST fare background can be created.

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