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A bridge on the path of business development and innovation

Since 2011
About MOST
The first private business incubator in Kazakhstan, which supports technology entrepreneurs at all stages of business development. Our creative space allows future entrepreneurs to work on their projects, exchange experience, receive mentoring from successful businessmen and attract funding to capitalize their business ideas.
We conduct training at different stages, from the idea level to seed/preseed. Over 10 years of operation, our incubation and acceleration programs have been completed by more than 10,000 people throughout Central Asia.
Consulting and organization of turnkey events
Corporations trust us. We have created and organized more than 10 incubation/acceleration programs, seminars and trainings for both major market players and international organizations.

In 2020, we grew up and founded the first venture fund in Central Asia, MOST Ventures. Within the framework of the fund, we invest in promising startups from the funnel at the seed/preseed stages.
MOST achievements
More than 90 residents of the business incubator received investments

We conducted 11 acceleration programs, more than 100 startups received the knowledge and skills necessary for growth
$4,2 mln
More than $ 4 million was invested in the development of startups
Since the launch, more than 10,000 entrepreneurs have taken part in events organized by our team
5 programs have been successfully implemented for corporations and international organizations (Beeline, Centras Insurance, AIFC, Asian Development Bank, Citibank Kazakhstan)
Our team
Alim Khamitov
Founder and CEO

Anuar Lenzat
COO and coordinator

Dinara Babich
Head of Department of educational programs and Mentoring
Aidana Toktarkyzy
PR manager

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